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Broadcasting Reports – Problem viewing html in Gmail

Hi yellowfin support,

I recently sent a few reports (HTML format) using Broadcast scheduling feature to several users.
They mentioned that viewing the email using GMAIL does not contain any report formatting .

I tested and found out that with OUTLOOK the report formatting shown as intended.

Is there a problem viewing yellowfin HTML reports using GMAIL ?
Is there a fix to the problem ?

here are the screenshots of the demo report i tested.



I am using the latest version of yellowfin 20150624

Thanks in advance for you help in the matter

Hello Shaul,

Although we couldn't see your screenshots, unfortunately that is just how Gmail processes email with HTML content. We don't know exactly what it does, because Google doesn't make this public. But we assume it takes the HTML and re-processes it to try and make it look better, however with our emails, it makes it worse :(

A support task was raised (TASK ID = 145423) some time ago to try to find a way to get around this, however there has been no further development on this.

When emailing with HTML format, you're going to have to use another mail
client, or alternatively, you can email using PDF.

Apologies for the bad news.

Kind Regards,

The message is clipped once the body of your email markup is greater than ~100KB.

Anything between or