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Broadcast is sending a same report mail many times to single recipient

I have a report scheduled every day 9pm to broadcast it to 7 recipients.
Some times what i see is - each recipient is getting 7 mails for same report at 9pm (when schedule runs).
This issue is reproducible each time i am manually running the schedule.

I have tried creating a User group of these 7 recipients and only invited this group to receive this email but still each recipient is getting 7 mails each time the schedule is running.

Please provide me the solution how each recipient will get only one mail on schedule run.
More Info: I am using YF version 6.2 and see the attached screenshot of my mail box in aa.png.
Schedule Info is given in the attached screenshot bb.png.
- i ran this schedule manually some times
- the user group 'Support Group' has 7 user (recipients)

What you have outlined sounds like a bug. Just curious to know if this just started happening?

Regardless, we would first need you to upgrade your instance to a supportable version as 6.2 is
no longer supported. Please see the below link regarding our current support offering, which outlines
the end of life schedule.

Support Offering

If after upgrading to the latest build of 6.3 (May) you are still experiencing this issue, please
submit this query to and include screenshots and log files. We would be happy
to investigate the issue further at that time.

Thank you very much,