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AWS installation registration error

I have installed Yellowfin 7.1 on AWS from the AWS Marketplace image. The server starts up fine and I can reach the login page from a browser. I have attempted to register an account using the registration form on the login page, but submitting the form is not working. The site just returns to the login page. I fired up the developer tools in Chrome to watch what's happening:

The form submits a POST request with the form fields to http://
The response contains the following error message:

ACTIONERRORSerror.processAn error has occurred during processing, please try again

I have tailed the logs in /opt/yellowfin/appserver/logs on my Yellowfin server, but no logs are generated for this request.

The AWS security group used for the server allows only ports 22, 80, and 443 for my IP address only.

Please let me know how I can complete the registration to get a username and password to log in to my Yellowfin installation. I also have a trial license file for the desktop app in case that can be used here somehow.