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Auto Refresh of Cached filter & Cached Dependent Filter for Views & Reports

Hi Yellowfin,

I have created 2 filters
1. Location
2. Date

Here the date is the dependent filter of the Location. These are the two common filters in my reports.

We have cached filters & cached dependent filters for several reports on several dashboards.

However,when we add an additional entry in the database or delete the data from database,
it doesn't show until we manually refresh the cached filters & cached dependent filters for each report,
using the �Refresh Cached Filters� button under the filter list in view level,

Is there any functionality to get auto refresh for cached filter & Cached Dependent Filters for Views as well as Reports?

Kindly post your answer here or Email me(Below i have mentioned my Email_ID).

Thank you,
Hi Shivagange,

Unfortunately you can't schedule an auto refresh of view level cached filters at this time. However there is an open enhancement for this functionality (TASK ID #146673).

I'm going to make an annotation in the enhancement documenting your interest in this enhancement and hopefully there is movement on this in the future.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a great day!

Kind Regards,


Best regards,

The Yellowfin Support Team

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