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Analysis Styles on Sub Queries

I'm using YF 7.1, Build: 20140827; Java 1.7.0_45. I've developed a report with a main query, and one sub query. I would like to set the Analysis View for each of these queries to Drill Anywhere, however I only see the Analysis View settings pane for the Main query, and not the Sub Query. I would ultimately like a chart for each query, and then allow the users to drill anywhere on each chart independently. Is this possible?

Thank you,
Hello Steve,

Thank you for posting your question on the forum.

When using a sub-query a field must be used to join the 2 queries, this field must match in both queries, otherwise the join will be invalid.

When using drill-anywhere, you are substituting 1 field for another, this means you are actually changing the join fields, which simply cannot be done from within the report, as you need to match up the fields in the report data page.

E.g. Booking Method = Booking Method. OK
If you then change the field (using Drill Anywhere) you could end up with , Gender = Booking method NOT OK etc..

I hope this makes sense, and explains why such a feature is simply not possible.

Please let me know if this is not what you were after.