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After upload Licence file getting an error

I have uploaded Licence file and tried to Login.
Getting error message :

"This system currently has the maximum number of concurrent users logged in."

Attachments : images.
Hi Sarat,

It sounds like you have a concurrent type licence, which does not meet your current YF environment.

Can you please email across the licence file you have, along with a screenshot of the licence details page when trying to upload through to

Once we have these details we can get this resolved for you.

Hi David

In Sarat's absence I have emailed you the details you requested.
We now have three servers with this problem. I suspect that the culprit is that the licences we've received recently have this setting:


Previously we've had them set to:


Appreciate your help.

Kind regards

Issues resolved - thanks very much for your assistance, David.

In effect needed to get replacement licences where

We had

A nonsense combination, that prevented us from logging in.
Any time !

Glad I could help :)
Hi David,

this happens to me too.
But how am I able to replace the license if I am not able to login?

Regards Rinus Jansen - 4appsgroup
Hi Rinus,

If you cannot hit the Admin > Licence details to upload a new licence, just use the UploadLicence page.

To do this, you will need to be on the machine running Yellowfin, then in the browser, enter the URL :

For example:

You can upload it there.

Please let me know how you go.

Hi David

As I answered you allready by mail.
This works fine, I was able to load the correct license without login in.

Regards Rinus