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AdministrationServiceServiceLocator documentation


Initially i want to use C# for integration with our software but found a bit difficult. Since not much documentation/reference found, changed from C# to Java. When i look at those example in /Yellowfin 7.1/development/examples, there is a class called AdministrationServiceServiceLocator but there is no documentation about it. The question is due to https access. There are 4 parameters in the constructor.
[code]AdministrationServiceService ts = new AdministrationServiceServiceLocator("localhost", 8080, "/services/AdministrationService", false);[/code]

May i know what is the fourth parameter for?

Hi Thomas,

I spoke with our dev's this morning and the fourth parameter determines whether or not SSL will be used to make the connection. So if you are trying to connect to Web Services via SSL you will definitely want to mark the parameter as 'true' otherwise, leave it as false.

Hopefully that clears things up a bit. Let us know if you have any followup questions etc.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Dustin. Will try it out.