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Administration for Datasource Connection


I was reviewing the web api service for 7 but I don't think I see something related to checking if a datasource connection is disconnected. we have multiple iporgs so when a broadcast goes out for any one of them, it fails to triggers. I want to take a proactive approach to monitor if the connection is not connected and reconnect.

The slow method of us doing it now, is to use browser automation to go in each iporg and check the connection. This is a slow process and I was hoping there was web api to check this.
Hello Guest,

Can you please review the below Forum post(s) and let us know if this works for your situation?

Determining Closed Connections

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I understand that it retries to connect. The issue is if a connection never established and a broadcast report get run, it fails.

Is there an API call that can be made to check the connections?

Hi Guest,

There is no API call that will check data source connections, that I am aware of. I am also confused as to why the query in the forum will not work in your scenario? This query will will assure that your connection is valid prior to running the report.

1. Stop Yellowfin.
2. Run the following query against the YF DB:

insert into Configuration (iporg, configtypecode, configcode, configdata)
values (1, 'SYSTEM', 'VERIFYSOURCE', 'TRUE');

3. Start Yellowfin and work as per normal.

Please let me know if I this will work for you.

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