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Adjust report width in dashboard


Is there possible to adjust report width in dashboard level?

Because at report level, report format is nice one.

But when we put that report in dashboard, size is too small.

Please kindly see the attached sample file.

Hi Yuu,

The dashboard contains portlets (the little boxes) where the reports can be added.
These portlets can be resized vertically only, as its the only way to make sure it all fits. If you make report portlets too wide it will blow out the dashboard layout. The dashboard automatically sets the report width, which cannot be changed.

If you would like to contain a chart that is quite detailed you will need to use one of the bigger portlets and then drag the portlet down to increase the height.


Forum image

Also note, tables will have scroll bars if the table is quite large, however charts will be resized to fit in the portlet.

Hope this helps.