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adding access filter across all data sources


If I to add a new source filter I need to add them separately to each data source which it needs to be used in.

Is there a way to add a source filter across all data sources through web service or sql?

Hi Prishan,

Thanks for sending this question in. Unfortunately I have a bit of bad news here as there is no way to programmatically apply the same source filters to multiple data sources.

The closest work around I can think of, would be to use scheduled SQL queries to apply your source filters. Under this scenario your source filters are stored in a table within the data source you are trying to apply source filters to. If you have multiple data sources all pointing to the same database, you could at least then re-use the SQL queries to generate the required source filters.

I know this isn't quite what you are after but it is a bit faster than manually creating source filters so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Kind Regards,