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Add co-display reports onto Dashboard

Hi David,

I have a question about adding co-display reports into Dashboard. I try to add a report into a dashboard but the related reports (via co-display) aren't showed. What I should do to make this happens?

Hi Michael,

When adding co-display reports to the dashboard, only the master report will be added.
In order to add the co-displayed report, you will need to display it as a separate report.

If you would like to link reports on a dashboard, you will need to use an analytic dashboard TAB and link on either the filter or fields used in the report.

Please let me know if you have further questions on this.

Thanks David. But the analytic dashboard doesn't behavior same as co-display and doesn't have the flexibility I want.

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, there is no way to display both reports together on the dashboard.
They will need to be added separately.

If you can give me an example on how you would like these reports to appear, we may be able to find a way to get this working for you.

Michael, David,

Did you have any advance within this topic ?

I'm having the same problem as I have one table that I need to have the possibility to switch between Month, Quarter and Year.

Any ideas of how to solve this question ?

If you are trying to display a co-display report on the dashboard, you need to add the reports separately (master & child) and then link as you would normally a co-display report.

You should end up with the same results.
One of the major differences with linking via a dashboard is not having the same co-display options (e.g. Tabbed).

If you are having trouble setting this up , can you please provide some screenshots of both reports and how they are built, also how you have tried to link via the dashboard.

Additional information on linking reports via the dashboard can be found here :
Filtered Standard Tabs .

Please let us know how you go.