Data Visualization

Discover valuable insights fast

Effortlessly visualize and explore your data with Yellowfin's advanced data visualization and Data Discovery capabilities. Just connect to any of your favorite data sources and start uncovering patterns, identifying trends and discovering insights – no coding required.

Create stunning visualizations

Bring your data to life with beautiful, interactive visualizations. Understand your business from all perspectives with over 50 chart types – from trellis charts to GIS maps and infographics. With Yellowfin, the perfect visualization is just a click away. Discover the insights needed to make better decisions today.

Put your business on the map

Yellowfin's award winning Location Intelligence capabilities help put your business on the map. Effortlessly merge your spatial and traditional business data to discover your next big business opportunity. Don’t have the spatial data? We’ll provide it for you with Yellowfin GeoPacks, enabling you to uncover fresh insights and gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Data Discovery

Explore all your data and discover valuable insights with Yellowfin.

Beautiful content that tells a story

Deliver customized, immersive analytics that makes BI accessible to more people and boost user adoption. Together, Yellowfin’s new Content Creation Canvas, DashXML framework and host of rebranding options deliver you the best modern BI platform for building analytical applications and creating customized analytic content.

“Yellowfin’s intuitive Data Discovery capabilities gave us a rich, immersive system to access, query and analyze our rapidly growing and changing business data. We can now easily understand and act on vital sales, labor, inventory costs and customer satisfaction KPIs throughout our business in real-time.”

Laura Rea Dickey - CIO,
Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants

Spot trends in your data

Yellowfin does more than just help you see patterns and spot outliers. Easily highlight trends and project forecasts in a few clicks. Understand where your business is heading with Yellowfin's intuitive predictive analytics, set analysis and other advanced analytical capabilities.

Yellowfin Systems Administrator

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