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By embedding Yellowfin, you’re choosing analytics software that is ranked number 1 for embedded BI, trusted among hundreds of enterprise software companies and over 3 million users world-wide.

Yellowfin Embedded Analytics
Embedded Dashboard

We make it easy to embed world-class analytics. Why build your own BI module when you can so easily integrate Yellowfin? Fill the gaps in your application’s analytics functionality. Integrate sleek, interactive dashboards, ad-hoc and geospatial reporting.

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“Ranked No.1 for Embedded BI”

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“Yellowfin, an embedded BI specialist…”

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Claim a competitive advantage

You get a major advantage over your competition when you choose Yellowfin; we are ranked Number 1 in Embedded BI by BARC and hailed as a leader by many other analysts firms. A proven track record of innovation, means that when you partner with us, we’ll keep you ahead of the curve (and ahead of your competition).

Yellowfin Dashboards Signals Analyze

AI-powered analytics for your customers

When you embed Yellowfin you provide your application with an AI edge. Assisted Insights powering your Dashboards.  With Yellowfin Signals you can automatically alert your customers to changes in the data as they happen.

ISV Partners

Commercials that work for both of us

Every software company is different. How we typically sell our software may not be how you sell to your customer. So we work with you to offer a commercial model that fits with your business model. When you win, so do we. This is not a one-off software sale for us, it’s a long term partnership.

A seamless experience

Build your brand, not ours

Your clients don’t ever need to know they’re using Yellowfin (it’s not us, it’s you). Apply your brands look and feel with the ability to completely white label Yellowfin. Your customers should see one product – yours, just powered by world-class analytics.

Build Your Brand
Integrate With Ease

Integrate with ease

Yellowfin makes it easy for you to seamlessly embed into your application. With multiple integration options you can start delivering awesome reporting to your customers right away. Easily connect to spreadsheets, relational databases, cubes, Hadoop, NoSQL, and API data sources, whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud. And use our out-of-the-box Web Connectors, JavaScript API, or our web services to customize to your needs.

Secure multi-tenancy

We understand the complexities of multi-tenancy support. You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to build an application that partitions data based on your client ID. Well, here’s a BI solution that lets you continue to do the same. We can pull in your security framework, or you can use the robust framework we have in-built.

Governance and Security
Yellowfin ISV Quick Start Guide
ISV Quick Start

Get to market fast
with Quick Start

Time is money and you don’t know what you don’t know. We’ve successfully helped hundreds of partners embed Yellowfin in their applications and with that knowledge we built the Yellowfin ISV Quick Start program. Ensuring future partners can integrate Yellowfin in the best possible way in the shortest possible time.

ISV Quick Start
ISV Quick Start
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"When we discovered Yellowfin, we saw the potential for embedding their analytics into our platform to offer beautiful dashboards that could be quickly understood by technical and non-technical operators alike."

Allan Brown
Vice President and General Manager
Unified Workflow Solutions. 

"We believe the Yellowfin – Appresso – Amazon offering delivers a unique set of innovative technologies that will make cloud-based reporting and analytics financially and technologically accessible to organizations of all sizes in the Japanese market."

Shinichi Yamada
President and CEO. 
NTT Software Corporation.
Yellowfin Dashboard Analytics

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