Insights that find you with Yellowfin Signals. Powerful, AI-driven Automated Analysis.

Insights that find you with Yellowfin Signals. Powerful, AI-driven Automated Analysis.

With Yellowfin Signals, you know when, what and importantly, why something happened.
It’s your shortcut from data to insights so you can confidently jump straight to actionable conclusions.

Find out what you have been missing.

Find out what you have been missing.

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So, what makes a Yellowfin Signal different to just an alert?

Yellowfin Signals automates data discovery by trawling your business’ data for statistically significant changes and notifying you of the ones that are relevant to your role. Trend changes, period comparisons, spikes, dips and more. You’ll be automatically alerted to the most important changes as they happen so you can act immediately. Plus, a signal comes complete with natural language explanation and additional analysis on correlated data changes so you can uncover the root cause fast.

Don't take our word for it.

Here is what the analysts had to say. (Hint - it's pretty positive!)

Yellowfin "Exceeds expectations in its augmented BI"

Results from the 2019 Forrester WaveTM evaluation Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms (Client-Managed) Q3 2019

Yellowfin named Top 3 for Collaborative Analytics and Business Intelligence in 2019

Data-driven insights are only valuable when shared

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Yellowfin named Leader in BI  for AI and ML-enabled analytics

EMA Research Report: Innovation In The Use Of AI And Machine Learning For Business Intelligence

Shortcut the analytics process 

You have more data to analyze than is humanly possible. Traditional, manual methods of data discovery are labor intensive - you take numerous steps to get to an insight. Plus, there’s human bias when choosing what data to look at. And that significantly reduces your chance of finding an insight (and it is chance). But, if you automate data discovery with Yellowfin Signals, automation does the work  in two steps.

Signals is the shortcut that lets you jump to actionable conclusions.

From Traditional Analytics and BI Workflow

Traditional Analytics Workflow

To Yellowfin Signals - Automated Analytics and BI Workflow

Yellowfin Analytics Workflow
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Every Signal tells a story.
See Signals in action with Google Analytics

The power of signals can be applied to many data sources. We ran Signals over our Google Analytics data with some surprising and immediate results.

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Jump to conclusions

With more data to analyze than is humanly possible learn how automating data discovery with Yellowfin Signals is the shortcut to actionable conclusions.

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Ready to see what Yellowfin Signals will do with your data?

See Yellowfin Signals in action and find out how you can use automated analytics to reduce your time to insight.