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Yellowfin Signals takes aviation manufacturing quality and profitability to new heights with automated analytics

With Yellowfin, AeroEdge has:

  • Reduced the time to identify an issue by 80%

  • Reduced the time spent creating manual reports by 90%

  • Begun to explore using Yellowfin Signals to predict issues in the production process to improve quality and production rate further.

AeroEdge was founded in 2016 in Ashikaga Tochigi, Japan. Though they are a small company of around 100 employees, they aim to become a leader in the global aviation industry. 

They are one of only two manufacturers in the world producing low pressure turbine blades, made from a titanium-aluminum alloy, for the next-generation ‘LEAP’ jet engine.

Inside the AeroEdge Factory

Accelerating production

The production of turbine blades for aircraft engines requires specialist skills and exacting quality (measured to within thousandths of a millimeter). Production is also under strict regulations such as international quality control standards to ensure long term traceability.

As a high quality manufacture, Aeroedge had recently been selected by a very large French aircraft engine manufacturer for a long term contract for the supply of turbine blades.

Manufacturing and Data Challenges

This new contract provided Aeroedge with an opportunity to grow their business but it also posed increased challenges. With around 30 steps in the manufacturing workflow, from processing raw titanium aluminium through to final examination, they needed to consider both their efficiency of production and error detection processes at this new, larger volume.

“Prior to choosing Yellowfin, we were using Excel to monitor all our production data.” says Shingo Yamamoto, CIO at AeroEdge. “With the spreadsheets we created, they were able to calculate the overall production rate but were unable to uncover how long each step in the production cycle took or identify the cause of defects.” This prevented them from being able to uncover areas where they could improve efficiency and improve time to error detection.

The Results

Yellowfin has allowed AeroEdge to automatically calculate the length of time each step in the manufacturing process takes and, with the new Yellowfin Signals automated analytics product, they are able to identify specific patterns that lead to a manufacturing issue. Signals automatically alerts analysts to any statistically significant deviations from the norm, meaning they no longer need teams to manually search the data to find these patterns. 

Shingo Yamamoto - AeroEdge

“Signals is able to find anomalies hiding in millions of data points in our complex and exceptionally precise manufacturing process. It can alert us to these changes in a fraction of the time that it would take us to identify manually or through standard reporting. We are excited about how this can help our business into the future."

Shingo Yamamoto,
CIO, Chief of IT Strategy Department,

The Yellowfin Experience

Yellowfin’s ease of use meant that AeroEdge analysts were able to produce reports rapidly thereby reducing administrative and meeting time. Yellowfin’s innovative automated analytics product, Signals, has allowed Aeoredge to pinpoint the exact place where an issue has occurred in their complex manufacturing process and importantly trace this error back to the source raw materials. This is both a more accurate and faster process than the manual checking which they had done previously. This has lead to increased efficiency through reduced downtime caused by errors and improved overall production quality.

Yellowfin Dashboards AeroEdge

AeroEdge is now a fully data-driven manufacturing business and displays a strong and healthy data culture among all its employees.

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