Yellowfin 7.3+ Launch Webinar: Recording and Slides

Yellowfin 73Plus Launch

Miss the Webinar launch of Yellowfin 7.3+ – the latest version of our Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform? Don’t sweat it.

We thoughtfully recorded the session for your on-demand viewing pleasure. Discover why our governance means data you can trust with Yellowfin 7.3+.

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, or want a personalized demonstration of Yellowfin 7.3+, simply contact


Yellowfin 7.3+ launch recording


The Yellowfin 7.3+ overview datasheet can be downloaded HERE >


Yellowfin 7.3+ launch presentation slides


And, we uploaded the slide deck to Slideshare; allowing you to move through the presentation at your own pace.

Download the presentation slides HERE >


Why watch?


Watch the launch video to see how Yellowfin 7.3+ will cement Yellowfin’s position as the best modern analytics platform for delivering governed data and BI throughout the enterprise.

Be among the first to see how we’re adding enhanced data governance features to drive trustworthy enterprise analytics, more data source connections to support our customer’s growing needs, and a range of new visualization options including JavaScript charts and D3 integration.


The highlights


Yellowfin 7.3+ contains major additions and improvements, including:

Better data governance: Yellowfin’s content approval workflow has been extended to include Yellowfin Views (metadata), meaning whole data preparation layers can run through an authorized sign-off process before being published – just like any reports, dashboards or Storyboards.

A Change Management Module: A new Change Management Module provides complete visibility over all content imported and exported within any Yellowfin instance in one place. Enjoy full control when promoting trusted data sources and BI content into your production environment.

More data source connections: Easily connect to even more data sources than ever before. Imagine the possibilities with connectors for Snowflake, Apache HBase, JSON and direct connection to SAP BW’s BEx layer. Satisfy your Big Data and data streaming needs with Yellowfin 7.3+.

Unlimited charting options: Boost user satisfaction and adoption with a range of new visualization options, with the ability to use your favorite JavaScript charting libraries within Yellowfin, including D3 integration.


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Our governance means data you can trust with Yellowfin 7.3+