Training Webinar Recording: View creation in Yellowfin 7.1 – view it now!

This series of training Webinars – View creation in Yellowfin 7.1 – explored how to plan, create and deliver best practice Views in Yellowfin.

This training topic is most appropriate for advanced users and system administrators.

Webinar recording: View creation in Yellowfin

What will you learn?

Watch this training Webinar recording, View creation in Yellowfin 7.1, to discover how to:

  • Plan your Yellowfin View
  • Build your Yellowfin View
  • Define Fields and create Calculated Fields
  • Publish the View to users
  • Use a range of features associated with creating Views, such as Virtual Tables, Hierarchies, Org Ref Codes and more

What is the purpose of a Yellowfin View?

A Yellowfin View is a metadata layer that sits between the Source Connection and the Report Builder. It’s used to define relationships between tables, identify fields to be accessed by report writers, and define default formatting for these fields. Views within Yellowfin provide the link between users, their reports, and the database.

The purpose of the View is to simplify the knowledge required by end users of the source database. A report writer will use the relationships and fields defined in the View to base their reports on, without having to understand the underlying logic.

Yellowfin provides you with the capability to create Views of your database through a drag and drop builder or as a straight SQL statement.


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