Business Intelligence vendor Yellowfin to launch DashXML in Webinar series

Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin, is set to host a series of Webinars to officially launch the release of DashXML – a browser-based Java application that makes it fast and easy to create customized analytical functionality and applications.

The launch Webinars will be held throughout Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd October 2015.

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Yellowfin Director of Product Marketing, John Ryan, said that those attending Yellowfin’s DashXML launch Webinar series would discover how to:

  • Create customized analytical functionality without comprising on design, layout and user experience
  • Build bespoke analytics functionality without any programming
  • Quickly deliver customized analytics capabilities using significantly fewer resources

“Before DashXML, creating highly customized analytical functionality and applications was difficult,” said Ryan. “You could use an out-of-the-box BI tool, which limited your control over product design and user interaction. Or, you used Open Source charting libraries to create a tailored charting experience, but lost the analytical functionality and security of an analytics platform.

“The first option meant compromising on the uniqueness of your user experience, while the second required significant development work, resulting in lost time and money. DashXML solves both these problems.”

DashXML enables Yellowfin clients and software partners to quickly create uniquely tailored dashboards, which combine Yellowfin content and custom items, without the need for programming. BI content and security permissions are built and defined in Yellowfin, with the analytical functionality configured and styled using DashXML.

“DashXML is a flexible framework that communicates with Yellowfin via a Web Services API to expose the functionality of Yellowfin’s BI platform, such as reports, filters and security capabilities,” said Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie. “DashXML empowers organizations to leverage the power of Yellowfin’s BI platform, which removes the need to build sophisticated BI functionality from the ground up, while simultaneously offering unlimited flexibility and control when it comes to application design, layout and user interaction.”

“Not only does DashXML make it quicker and easier to create customized analytical applications and deliver unique experiences for information consumers, the tailored reporting and analytics functionality gives you the ability to expose new audiences to the power of BI, growing the potential number of BI users and use cases,” said Ryan.

Yellowfin is hosting three concise thirty-minute DashXML launch Webinars across Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd October 2015.

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Following the Webinar, attendees will receive a copy of the presentation slides and a recording for on-demand viewing.

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