AG Consultraining launch Yellowfin to Pakistani market

AG Consultraining, Yellowfin’s first Pakistani reseller partner, has kicked-off its Yellowfin partnership by exhibiting at the Information Technology Commerce Network (ITCN) Asia. The international conference and exhibition took place at the Karachi Expo Center, Pakistan, 15 – 17 September. 

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ITCN Asia is the largest IT and Telcom event in Pakistan, and has been running for 15 consecutive years, with over 15 countries participating and more than 80,000 trade members attending over the three-day event.
AG Consultraining Executive Director, Adnan Iqbal Ghoui, said the conference was a success and that the response to Yellowfin was enthusiastic and positive.


“With AG Consultraining being the only Yellowfin reseller in Pakistan, the conference was our chance to officially launch Yellowfin’s BI solution to the Pakistani market,” said Ghoui. “Many attendees were seeing Yellowfin for the first time and they were impressed.”
Business Development Officer, Fahad Karimi, said that AG Consultraining had constant delegate interest in Yellowfin over the three-day event.
“From 10am to 7pm, for three days, we were constantly demoing and answering questions about Yellowfin,” said Karimi. “People were amazed with the fresh-faced and easy-to-use BI solution from Australia, which is now available in Pakistan. Many of the features were new to them, or better than they had previously seen, such as Yellowfin’s Mobile BI, Collaboration, Storyboard and Drill-Down capabilities. However, the huge draw-card was the Yellowfin pricing.”
Officially launching Yellowfin in Pakistan is an exciting development for us at Yellowfin, as the market has massive potential. Pakistan’s IT global spend is estimated at US$2.8 billion, including a global sales revenue of US$1.6 billion.

“We have shown what Yellowfin is capable of at Pakistan’s biggest IT event,” said Ghoui. “We are expecting fruitful results from all the hype and interest of our launch, which included many leading companies and well-know names – so stay tuned!”

Checkout the photos from the event:

According to the ITCN website, ITCN Asia Exhibitions and Conferences have been playing a pivotal role in putting Pakistan on the world IT Map, bringing in huge foreign and local investments in the country.

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