Training Webinar: Working with CSVs – join us!

The next series of Yellowfin training Webinars – Working with CSVs – will explore how to import and manipulate CSV files for reporting purposes in Yellowfin.

When and How

Register for a Webinar of your choice by clicking on a date below:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing details outlining how to join your chosen Webinar.

We strongly encourage you to attend and take advantage of these complimentary training opportunities.

What will you learn?

Attend to discover how Yellowfin makes is easy to leverage and integrate your CSV data into your enterprise reporting processes.

Attendees will learn how to easily:

  • Set-up a CSV repository and load CSV files via Yellowfin 7.1’s revamped import process
  • Preview your CSV-based datasets and manipulate them appropriately
  • Perform calculations, column formatting, date conversion and parsing
  • Add Calculated Fields, formula templates, format fields, clean dates, define geography and create drill hierarchies or Derived Fields on-the-fly
  • Build custom formulas and complete date, text or geography conversion in a single step
  • Take advantage of advanced help features through each step of the content creation and formatting process

Unable to make it?

The Webinars will be recorded for on-demand viewing for those unable to attend one of the scheduled session times. Look out for a link to the recording in the next Yellowfin Partner Newsletter!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,

The team at Yellowfin