“The Yellowfin support team is fantastic.” – Andy Au, Health Metrics

Technical support is an extremely important component of ISV partnerships.

As a partner-oriented Business Intelligence (BI) vendor, Yellowfin’s go-to-market strategy is geared towards addressing the needs of its partners to enable their success.

Andy Au, Solutions Architect, of Health Metrics has been active in the technical relationship with Yellowfin for several years and can authenticate the high quality support he has encountered.

"Yellowfin is easy to use and has highly appealing graphics with rich interactivity. The Yellowfin support team is fantastic and has done a great job helping our users."

About the Interview:
Yellowfin hosted Melbourne and Sydney roadshows inviting partners, customers and prospects to see what was new and exciting about Yellowfin first-hand.

We took this opportunity to speak candidly with some of our partners who attended on the night. Above is an interview with Andy Au, Solutions Architech for Health Metrics, discussing what it’s like to partner with Yellowfin as an ISV.

About Health Metrics:

Health Metrics provides IT solutions for aged care facilities, spanning across the Australian market, with hosted and non-hosted clients. Health Metrics, a Yellowfin ISV partner, has been embedding Yellowfin into their product since 2oo6, offering their customers the opportunity to really explore their data. Health Metric’s solution focuses on qualifying key metrics surrounding daily operations, resource allocation and funding; ultimately empowering their customers to make better-informed decisions around KPIs and underperformance sectors.

Partner with Yellowin:
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