“The Yellowfin Experience has been a great one” – Auto IT

Independent software vendors (ISVs) want to provide a fantastic product to their customers with the best technology available. One of the hurdles that ISVs face in this journey is complying with third-party vendor co-branding demands when integrating proprietary technology into their software solution.

At Yellowfin, we get that as an ISV, you might only want to showcase your brand – not ours. To address this challenge, we allow our partners to rebrand (or ‘white lable’) our BI solution. With Yellowfin, you can focus on showcasing best-of-breed technology to your clients while building your brand.  Seriously; go ahead –- take all the credit. The reporting and analytics is on us!

We recently took the opportunity to catch-up with Rohan Duncan — General Manager at Yellowfin ISV partner, Auto IT — to discuss his experience with Yellowfin.

"Over the three years, the Yellowfin experience has been a better than positive one, it’s been a very good one."

About the Interview:
Yellowfin hosted Melbourne and Sydney roadshows inviting partners, customers and prospects to mingle with other data enthusiast and learn about new and exciting Yellowfin developments first-hand.

We took this opportunity to speak candidly with some of our partners who attended on the night. In the above interview, Rohan discusses how Auto IT reached its decison to partner with Yellowfin after evaluating several Business Intelligence (BI) solutions in the process.

About Auto IT:
Auto IT is a consulting business that writes, develops and supports software for the commercial and industrial automotive industry. Dealer Spectrum, Auto IT’s analytics platform, focuses on delivering process change to car dealerships by providing dashboards, push reports, processes and BI best practices via its ISV relationship with Yellowfin.

Partner with Yellowfin:

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