Partner Highlight: Auto IT changing the way customers do business

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur and Wellington, Auto IT, is very much a global company with a track record of happy customers. A Yellowfin ISV partner, Their largest market penetration is throughout Australia and New Zealand, servicing 80% of the agriculture machinery market and 30% of car dealerships.

How Dealer Spectrum helps their customers

Dealer Spectrum focuses on delivering process change to car dealerships by providing tools and processes,” explains Rohan Duncan, Dealer Spectrum General Manager. Dealer Spectrum sits under the umbrella of Auto IT, an organization that writes, develops and supports software to their for the commercial and industrial automotive industry. Part of their suite includes Yellowfin’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution, which is the technology behind the Dealer Spectrum dashboard and push reports.
“Dealer Spectrum dashboards illustrate a compelling snapshot of a business’ status that is easy to utilize and interpret,” explains Duncan. “These reports are an insight into the business, where “concerns are recognized early, which means they can be acted on before they turn into a real problem. Likewise, successes can be rewarded as they occur,” says Duncan.
Deciding to partner with Yellowfin

Just over four years ago, Auto IT partnered with Yellowfin. When discussing the decision to partner, Duncan says he knew that the market needed a BI solution to add to their platform.
“After evaluating six Business Intelligence providers, chose Yellowfin Auto IT chose Yellowfin to underpin its Dealer Spectrum offering ,” says Duncan. “The main drivers behind this choice were the reseller pricing model and the ‘can-do’ attitude of everyone with whom we came into contact with at Yellowfin.”
With regard to features, Duncan highlights mobility as “a huge selling point for us: Our customers can use Yellowfin to tap into their business successes and gain insights while on planes, in factory meetings, and while traveling around the world.
“Whiteboard is also a feature we love to use, and which gets people over the line,” says Duncan. “CEOs tend to love this attribute, which gives them the ability to annotate reports before sending them off.
“We also utilize Yellowfin’s broadcasting and push reports. For example, if a customer comes in to get their car serviced, one of the the business processes is to get the customer’s email address. If this is forgotten and not keyed in, Yellowfin will send a push report that night to the sales manager highlighting that a process has been broken.
“In addition to the actual product and people we deal with at Yellowfin, we really value Yellowfin’s wiki and internal documentation as a partner, which is simply first class,” declares Duncan.

Customer feedback

McIntosh and Son

Rob McQuade, Group Administrator of McIntosh and Son, says their motivation to work with Auto IT originated from their search for perceptibility across their 12 branches.
“Auto IT’s Dealer Spectrum provides reports that are emailed to us so we don’t miss out on knowing about issues that we need to act on, when we need to. With Automated Push Reports we have visibility across our 12 branches in real-time.”
Ramsey Brothers
Brad Ramsey, Director of Ramsey Brothers explains how Dealer Spectrum provides imperative information that he needs regular access to.
“With Auto IT’s Dealer Spectrum, full functionality is achieved, providing a much better return on our investment. The Dashboard provides key comparative information across the business with information that I need to see.”

Auto IT’s Dealer Spectrum dashboard in action

 A glimpse of the Auto IT Dealer Spectrum® dashboard using Yellowfin’s Whiteboard functionality via its native iPad app:

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